Phone call from an old friend

I got a surprise phone call yesterday from my college buddy Skipperella. It was magic - she knows all my stories and I know hers, and we can tease laughs out of each other at a remarkable rate. I felt like the funniest person in the world when I hung up the phone.

We shared a house for a few months once and got to know each other to the point of mindreading and verbal shorthand. Then we parted explosively a few weeks after her boyfriend moved in (I didn't take the change well, let's say) and I am incredibly lucky that she doggedly kept in touch through that summer while I hid out and nursed a grudge. Eventually I got over it and wrote back. She is one of my closest friends, has been for years now, even though we tend to spend less than 12 hours a year in each other's company.

We hadn't talked for about a year - she's been in school and I've been in between life plans - and she decided to call last night but didn't have a working phone number. So, (naturally) she spent an hour or more googling every one of my family members whose name she could remember (starting with my name, which apparently results in thousands of genealogy records and nothing useful), and finally got my phone number from my granddad in Colorado. She told me later that she had prepared herself to persuade my grandfather that she really was my friend and that he could divulge my current address & phone number - but it wasn't necessary, he volunteered the information immediately.

Hooray for old friends!!

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