I was running low on links

Neil Gaiman's journal is four years old today. He has chosen a soundtrack for the celebration (well, a song) and you should go listen if you were alive in 1991. Really, you should.

A suprising number of reading-and-writing people weren't alive in 1991, or at least weren't old enough to be allowed to watch Mtv. Back when Mtv had videos.

Scaryduck, on whom I rely for daily news of Reading UK, tells us that the Pope's condition has (perhaps) deteriorated in a new and amusing way.

I was getting concerned that Riverbend in Bagdad hasn't posted for 2 weeks - then I looked back and see that she often is unable to post for weeks at a time for reasons relating to no power and no dial tone. Stupid, stupid occupation.

On the other hand, the King of Nepal has cut the telephone lines on purpose as part of his new "I am absolute ruler and you almost forgot, didn't you?" campaign. *sigh*

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