Roll call of "ultra-Darwinists"

Joel Achenbach, who covers science for the Washington Post Sunday Magazine, has been blogging for about a month. He wrote recently about new species discovered in the Marianna Trench, and the following day his editor posted, as counterpoint, a couple of paragraphs on Intelligent Design. He is being drummed out of the room by readers' comments. I'm thrilled to see so many people stepping forward for the fundamental stability and correctness of evolutionary theory. A comment from Gary Oxford posted yesterday said
If ID proponents get the benefit of the doubt, why don't evolutionary
biologists? Is it because their ideas are more complicated, require more thought
to analyze, are more than simple bromides calculated to make the uneducated feel
good about their ignorance?

Amen, brother.

Wow. Thanks for the Amen. And thanks for coming by my blog. I admit I cannot share your pain about Tara Kemp's "Piece of My Heart," since I don't remember ever hearing it. Maybe I blocked it out, like those repressed childhood memories of my parents leading Satanic rituals. And, I agree, Jakob Dylan gets away with way too much crap. Cool place you got here. Keep rockin'.
Sure thing - your words were quite amen-able. I will promptly forget all about the dancemix "Piece of My Heart" as soon as the best/worst coversongs question fades into the background again. Thanks for coming over and reading - the blog is still taking shape, I've only been at it for a couple of weeks.
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