Like rabbits

A couple of days ago, I noticed that walking the dog suddenly took a lot longer than before. The dog would find an irresistably sniffy spot in the grass and wouldn't budge - I mean literally, he was leaving drag-marks in the grass when I got impatient and pulled him away. And these spots were everywhere - our standard 3 blocks up, 3 blocks back could take half an hour. What on earth had changed so suddenly? Was my dog going bonkers? or was I?

Walking that evening without the dog, I startled 3 rabbits out of a shadow - they all radiated from one spot and had moony looks on their faces, not at all like they had been browsing. Exactly like they had been courting, or better. So that's the answer to the riddle: Bunny Love.

So. My dog is gluing his face to rabbit-in-heat scent whenever we leave the house. I wonder how many days this will go on for - I had better find my walkman so I can adapt to the new super-slow pace.

So, my stock of deviant thoughts is replenished just in time for the onslaught of Easter goo-gahs in the stores and on people's lawns. I will be smiling to myself for the next 2 weeks. Good doggy!

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