What guns do

I'm having my usual reaction to sensible moderate commentary from another country: "Aha, my views aren't out of whack with my fellow humans, just with my fellow Americans."

Scaryduck spent last week in a "First Aid for the Warzone" training, which primarily addressed ways to cope with damage created by Americans with guns. In comments the discussion veered off to focus on what a 7mm (.275) bullet does to a can of tomatoes or a human shoulder, even (especially?) through a car door. Er.

Remind me, why is it a good thing that there are 65,000,000 privately owned handguns in the US? I know I heard someone explain it once . . . .

Some 51% may say it's a good idea, but many do not. We Americans are brought up to believe that:

• might makes right
• you're only somebody if you're a winner
• it's all about me
• purchasing things makes you happy

so it's easy to see that buying a handgun fulfills all of these rules. Additionally, the rich elite know that makes us underlings happy, so they create and nurture the social "needs" so we follow the proper path they have laid out for us.
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