The University

I start back to school on Monday at The University. I've never taken classes there before, although I first used their libraries and loitered in the student union, um, 12 years ago now. I went to high school around here and resolved to go to a college, an actual liberal arts college (emphasis on liberal). By the time I was 15 I was decidedly snobbish about The University, with its hazings and its 500-seat freshman courses and its football-Saturdays-that-innundate-the-whole-city.

In the two years since I moved back to this city, I've been shying away from taking classes at The University (mostly for the old reasons, which get ever-sillier the further I get from age 15). Class starts on Monday. Today was a dry run - I drove across town and arrived and parked with time to spare before classtime. I found my classrooms. I got my ID card and a parking permit. I studied at the union (I'm brushing up on prerequisite material). I found a coffee counter close to my classroom. I'm ready.

I feel like a kid about to start school. It's a yummy feeling.

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