I love the good morning funnies. I live in a cowtown and the newspaper specializes in Mary Worth and the Bumsteads so I have to go online to get my Get Fuzzy and Pearls Before Swine fix. A few months back I was reading Gene Weingarten's pages over at the Washington Post and followed a link to Candorville. It is consistenly great, but I don't think it's very widely circulated yet. Here's a sample:

In a dream
copyright Darrin Bell

Hadn't heard of this yet -- but I like it so far...!! We live in a small town with a homegrown newspaper, too -- there's only so much Family Circus and Sally Forth I can stand.
Hear! Hear!

I wish the comics editors would bring us out of the early sixties.
um...is this some commentary on Edward Bear?
Shameless, I wasn't thinking of you and Ed, but I will when I see this comic from now on.
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