Greg Behrendt is right about everything

HJNTIY And Because It's Broken

Have I mentioned that Greg Behrendt is right about everything? Because he's right about everything. The deeper I get into post-mortem on my relationship-that-never-quite-was, the one that ended for sure a week ago, the more I see that he is right. I wanted my situation to be the exception to the rule, just like he warned. I made up happy stories (stopping just short of unicorns and rainbows and fluffy technicolor bunnies) about how this guy would turn out to be the one, my sweetie-for-life. Even when he didn't call like he said. Even when any objective observer could have told me, "He's going to cop out, and his band will be his excuse." Even when he was breaking up with me. Right up until I yelled at him and he yelled back "I'm not that into you." (It really happened - pretty much exactly that way. I was reading HJNTIY and telling him about it way back two months ago when we were still flirting over the phone and hadn't so much as hugged each other since high school).

Well, okay, Greg Behrendt was wrong about one thing - he said a guy would rather eat broken glass (or something like that) than admit that we're not the one for him. Maybe my situation was the exception to the rule after all, at least in that small painful way.

So now the guy who turns out to have the eq of a ten-year-old, the guy who wooed me at a distance for six months and then didn't call for three weeks (the three weeks just after I traveled to where he lives and spent a weekend in his bed) and then broke it off suddenly, has called. No, really. He called. His voice was on my answering machine. If he just broke up with me, why is he calling me? His message was all casual, which kind of says it all. I really really don't want to pick up that phone. But it's not nice. Well, Internet, what do I do?

I've been here at the computer for almost two hours taking an unscientific poll of cool people I know, asking if I will still be a nice girl if I don't return the call. You see, calling now is not good enough. Not even close. And chances are he's just calling me to tell me how wrong I am. Actually, I would rather be a not-nice girl whose world view is stable, than let my ex screw my head up all fresh any time he wants to make a friendly phone call. I mean, six days! It's been six days since he said, "Sorry, my life, it is soooo full, and so I don't want to be in a relationship." I don't think I need to let him anywhere near my mind. Nope. So I guess the poll is just a formality and a possible source of moral support.

Coming soon (next time I'm on a broad-band connection) :
Full color photo-plugs of Greg Behrendt's books. Maybe even an amazon.com link - I wonder what I would have to do to set up that piece of shameless commercialism for Ticklish Ideas (tm) (not really).

Sleep tight.

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