I'm Feeling Lucky

From blurbomat:

Stephanie says:
1- Go to Google (http://www.google.com )
2- Type in the word "Failure"
3- Instead of clicking "Google Search," click "I'm Feeling Lucky."
4- Spread the word before the people at Google "fix" it.


Google's search algorithm is absolutely tippy-top secret. Now I think it's actually magic.
On an unrelated note...I just took the "which science fiction writer are you?" quiz. Apparently, I am Ursula K LeGuin. Is that good or bad?
Hi there, dear Miz Shameless.

Hooray for the googly magic.

Ursula K LeGuin, huh? I think it's a mixed bag. Maybe it means: when you are a famous author in your autumn years, do not fire all your advisors and editors and publish whatever you feel like, even if the books are still selling.
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