Kiss and tell

I wandered out from the comments at Dad Gone Mad and found, a couple of clicks later, this great story about a really really bad kiss. (Kristy can write! Go Kristy!)

Now, I may have mentioned *giggle* that I have a new sweetie. He of the Red Hair has a barbell in his tongue. I've always thought that piercing was visually really sexy but this is the first time I've kissed someone with jewelry in their mouth and I got annoyed after about 6 seconds of it rattling against my teeth. Annoyed is not what I want to feel when I'm kissing someone for the first time (bummer!) and a little later I got brave and asked HOTRH to take it out (which he did, shrugging, no big deal).

We live in different cities, in different states, in different parts of the country and so (after 6 months of catching up via email and phone) we packed weeks worth of courting and playing into a 5-day visit in September. And given the rocky (metally) start the kissing didn't really click within that short time span. Nothing like the timid lizard boy experience that Kristy suffered through, just not quite what I like, yet. It'll be fun if we get a chance to learn what we really like to do. I will be bummed if that long weekend was it, was all the exploring we ever do with each other.

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