Smiling with lots of sharp teeth

So, I just opened a flickr account and I'm very new at publishing pictures here. I'm a little paranoid about giving up my anonymity so I've been plastering lots of southpark screenprints up here just to give my page two eyes and a mouth (I think human animals like that) while I figure out how much anonymity to give up. Please put up with one more Southpark doodle:

skipperella chainsaw

I made this months ago with my friend Skipperella in mind but it's perfect for the mood-of-the-day: smiling girl wielding the chainsaw of insight.

The brand new ex and I had very angry words over the weekend and everything that was getting better was ripped open again for an evening. I was healing by bedtime and today is a day for smiling with lots of sharp teeth.

Hey, it DOES kinda look like me. At least the librarian at the desk here with me says it does.
Yeah, I thought I got a pretty good likeness, given that the tool allows for just a touch more nuance than a Mr Potato Head kit.

Shall I post the matching picture of your sweetie?
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