Honda Dog

Honda's Wonderful Openhearted Wagon (WOW for short) concept car is a heck of an exercise in niche marketing. It makes me feel a wee bit embarrased to be a dog owner. There is a lapdog-sized crate build into the dash. There is no carpeting to collect dog hair, and the seats are wooden with washable pads(!!). There are tiedowns everywhere, in and out. A basket-shaped dog podium pops up between the front and back seat, so Bowser can see out the window and reach over to snuffle the driver's ear.

The rest of the Honda Dog website describes standard-model from a dog's eye view - "Will my Pyrenees fit in this hatchback?" you ask? Check out the doggie-model stretched out in the backseat - dalmatians, at least, find it comfy.

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