The New Black

I hearby declare a moratorium on the phrase "______ is the new black." I've been building up to this move for weeks. I mean, 15 years ago when I first heard that brown was the new black, I thought it was an interesting turn of phrase. 18 months ago when somebody put out a magazine with the cover story "Mutts are the New Black!" that was cute, novel, clever. Now I hear the phrase almost daily and it's not fun anymore.

Just now I was over at Sheets & Blankets, in the middle of laughing my ass off at an account of a science fiction convention , when I read this: "*There are so many dudes here in kilts and sarongs. Freeballin' seems to be the new black." It could have been funny, but I am so burnt on the words "the new black" that I stopped laughing and came over here to complain. There, I'm done. If you are now or have ever been interested in what goes on at cons, go read this wicked funny description.

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