Rob Brezsny says:


In my astrological opinion, you really need to kiss the mist on the grass at dawn. For your life to be a complete success,

you should also gaze at the tops of trees regularly,

make a wish as you spit into a pond where the moon is reflected, and arrange for the sun to shine on the back of your neck as you sing an improvised ballad about your future. And if you'd like to earn some extra credit with the deities, making it impossible for them to resist sending you a bolt of brilliant cosmic juju, I advise you to eat a cookie while imagining it's the body of your favorite god or goddess.

From Free Will Astrology

I'm the kind of weirdo that goes out of her way to find apartments with big trees outside, visible from my pillow if possible so as to ease the transition from sleep to ugh, morning.

I've been tree-gazing forever - since second grade at least. I remember my mom coming in to my classroom and kneeling by my desk so I could show her the shapes in the branches and in the snips of sky between. I find trees really soothing - I think it's a geometric order / organic randomness kind of thing.

bur oak at night

It feels good to get reinforcement for what I want to do anyway from a nationally syndicated soothsayer.

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