Somebody stop this guy

A Californian atheist who has fought a series of legal battles seeking to bar religious references from American public life sued on Friday to remove the phrase "In God We Trust" from U.S. money and coins.

Okay, enough. I was (kind of) behind Newdow when he was arguing to strike "under god" from the Pledge of Allegiance, but now he needs to stop. Really. Parallels to William Jennings Bryan's impassioned and windy arguments in the monkey trial come to mind - but now it's from the other side. I'm all for atheism being protected just like any other belief system/religion, but this isn't helping.

By the way, at atheists.com you can buy yourself a faddish rubbery bracelets, enscribed with Foxhole Atheist or One Nation Undivisible or No Gods - No Masters. Cool, huh?

O/T, but dig this story from Twin Cities altweekly:

And check out this guy's blog:

In keeping with post down on the page but too lazy to scroll down (always get stuck on super-cute doggy pic)
Wow, this PZ Myers is cool!

If you click the skull-n-crossbones in the sidebar of Myers blog http://pharyngula.org/, the whole site is translated into Pirate Banter. Makes my day.
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