Vice President for Torture

Making Light, quoting CNN: "Turner's condemnation, delivered during an interview with Britain's ITV network, comes amid an effort by Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, to pass legislation forbidding any U.S. authority from torturing a prisoner. McCain was tortured as a Vietnam prisoner of war.
Cheney has lobbied against the legislation, prompting Turner to say he's 'embarrassed that the United States has a vice president for torture. I think it is just reprehensible.' "

So. McCain and Congress (through an amendment to a Defence appropriations bill) are insisting that the Army adhere to its own field manual and treat POWs (suspected Al Quaida or not) humanely. And the executive branch is so upset about this that they will veto the bill if it passes the senate.

Excuse me, I can't type with all this steam coming out of my ears.

Okay, I'm recovering, having read that former CIA Director Adm. Stansfield Turner, god bless him, is speaking out against Cheney's horribly reprehensible behavior.

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