What is unknown, what ought not be claimed

Tara at Aetiology has taken a careful look at the 200-year history of the clockmaker analogy. She quotes her favorite essay arguing against ID:
"The analogy which you attempt to establish between the contrivances of human art, and the various existences of the Universe, is inadmissible. We attribute these effects to human intelligence, because we know beforehand that human intelligence is capable of producing them. Take away this knowledge, and the grounds of our reasoning will be destroyed. Our entire ignorance, therefore, of the Divine Nature leaves this analogy defective in its most essential point of comparison.
Great words - go read the post to find out whose they are. Be sure also to read the lovely excerpts of 19th-century science books explaining god's plan, eg:.
As the earth is round, only half of it can be lighted at once. In order that both sides may be lighted, the Creator has caused the earth to rotate.

he has never left you.

it is just that your soul is so vast,
that just like the earth in its innocence,
it may think: "i do not
feel my lover's warmth against my face right now,"

but look, dear,
is not the sun reaching down its arms and
always holding a continent in its light?

god cannot leave us.
it is just that our souls are so vast,
we do not always feel his lips upon the veil.

-st. catherine of siena
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