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I have been solving my clothing woes, which have two causes. First, geography: cowtowns are not known for their clothing options. Second, macroeconomics: most clothes in the stores today aren't durable enough to make it to the thriftstore intact.

My new solution: clickity click


it's a shame that not everyone has access to bainbridge island thrift stores... since we enjoy a high median income, we get especially high quality cast-offs. the best is the free store, where a person can find designer everything.
Between 2000 and 2005 I moved from a zipcode with a the median family income of $70,000-90,000 to a zipcode with a median family income of $32,000-$37,000. Lots of things feel different.
oh, how i pine for st. vincent depaul...i live in a town with a median income of $95,000 and still all you can find in the thrift stores are essentially rags...most people get rid of their threads via consignment, which i still can't afford. bastards. hate this town.
Shameless, it sucks that there is so much yuppy drek in a university town in a (historically) progressive state. Grrr!
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