Incipient OCD?

Today was the second lecture in my new class. I don't remember what it was about, I only remember the professor poking at his powerpoint slides with a grimy old stick from behind the podium. Bap. Bap. Scraaaape. Bapbap.

The sounds weren't really the problem, it was the 50-feet-wide high tech tensioned anti-glare remote-controlled projection screen being jabbed and scored and beaten like a rug that got under my skin. What a stupid waste, I thought, and then proceded to waste half an hour by being irritated. Bap. Bap. Scraaaape.

Maybe I have a teeny little touch of OCD (will you tell me if it's showing?). Or maybe the university is dumb to spend thousands of dollars per auditorium on multimedia presentation set-ups and then let people with PhDs use them without adult supervision. Or, probably, both.

but maven, if you don't speak for the 50-feet-wide high tech tensioned anti-glare remote-controlled projection screens, who will? you are the voice of the voiceless.
whereas i went to my first class at the school of social work and my prof WROTE ON THE CHALKBOARD. WITH CHALK. squeaky chalk, i might add. who does THAT anymore?
Ugh, my prof was scraping away again on Friday, it'll probably be a daily thing from now until May. It's a little easier to cope now that I know it's one thousand dollars worth of screen, not one zillion.

Shameless, you could go at the problem sideways by getting a doctor's note, saying you can't tolerate chalk dust. Maybe the prof needs a little pressure to get with the dry erase program.

I think the doctor will go for it (my college doc said once, "of course you can have a note to live in the nonsmoking dorms. Spread the word, I'll give anyone a note to live in the nonsmoking dorms.")
Ew! Squeeky chalk!
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