Organized religion

PZ Myers posted a portion of King's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" yesterday with commentary. This sparked a lively discussion of progressive Christians, which took a right turn into a discussion of how nontheists feel much more alienated in UU churches today than a decade ago.

The UU church I joined as a teenager had a staunchly humanist minister. If he was still there I might feel comfortable, but he retired and was replaced by someone more interested in spirituality (which was what the majority wanted).

Me? I'm less interested in spirituality every year. The world is full of wonder, it can be fascinating and horrifying and surprising and no supernatural explanations are needed. I haven't felt at home at a UU church for years.

I perked right up when I read the comments from a couple of people right at the intersection/dislocation point between UUs and nontheists. I followed the links and discovered the Unitarian Universalist Infidels website, the Infidelity blog, and discovered that there are other people who are (dare I say it?) culturally UU and actually not interested in the supernatural at all, and these people are working to make a place again for humanists in UU congregations. Hear hear!

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