Discovering Tim Krieger's comics has made my mind a better place to live this week. Please understand that I'm a bit twisted from reading lots and lots of Gahan Wilson and Hunter S. Thomson when I was thirteen, and I never know if we will find laughs in the same places, and then go look! You might belly-laugh!

Website archives aren't good for depressives like me looking for ways to avoid their to do lists. Guess what I did this week? That's right, I read four years worth of comics. I am a champion among time wasters.

From October 2001:

I'm a little hesitant to reprint a picture that contains the word "Fagistan" so here's the disclaimer: I am not and have never been anti-gay. The comics artist that coined this stupid, stupid term isn't anti-gay either, to the best of my knowlege, but seems to get a thrill from being mild to moderately offensive anytime it's funny. And note, the offensiveness is spread around: Tackystan, anyone? Blandistan?

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