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Daily Kos: I Didn't Have an Abortion Yesterday
But I had the same medical procedure--a D&C, or "Dilation and Curettage," that is often used to perform an abortion. . . .

Here's what I didn't have to do: Take a mandatory pregnancy test. Drive an incredible distance from my home. Get signed consent from my husband. Receive mandatory counseling that showed me various pictures of my uterus. Pass through protestors. Get any kind of "looks" or negative feedback from passersby, staff, or fellow patients. Be subjected to any kind of patronizing comments or derogatory remarks. Have to tolerate any kind of pain or nausea because all I could receive was local anesthetic. Have my "choice" of surgery questioned, and questioned again.
mrsdbrown1's diary on Daily Kos

hoo, wee, boy, she got that right.
My god, look what's happening in South Dakota. Eejits.

As if all that distance doesn't make abortion access difficult enough.
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