How not to open a letter

I just deleted the following from an email, still in progress, to my old friend A__ who I've been in touch with a little this winter (Thanks, Shameless!).
Can I just contact you sporadically and jump into conversation without much in the way of preliminaries? It's hard to construct niceties when I am trying not to feel or act or be over-eager or smarmy or allow the thought to enter your mind that I might ever be an almost-crazy-almost-stalker-girl again. *shudder*. So, without any real segue, here's what I'm writing about today:
Ah, it's good to be old enough to not actually say things like that. Now if I could only learn not to think things like that. It is a fine line between being personable and sounding like Eddie Haskell when I'm feeling nervous/tired/out-classed/out of my element.

what you just stated there is a prerequisite for anyone I choose to befriend.
...and niceties and preambles are for wusses and the unadventurous. :)
Me too -- if it's not a prerequisite, it's at least a selection force (people who don't like it fall out of the equation, at least in long-distance correspondence).
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