What I really miss most about Oregon:

Trader Joes.

I heart Trader Joes. I've been worried that I'd never get to shop there again, or that the chain would get out to this part of the world but transform into every-other-damned-supermarket along the way. The cool thing is, it sounds like they keep opening more stores and keep being Trader Joes. Today's online NYT filled me in on the chain's history:
The Polynesian-themed chain was established by Joe Coulombe in Pasadena, Calif., in the 1960's, in an attempt to rescue his convenience stores after 7-Eleven came to town. 'We decided to go in the other direction � to appeal to people who are well-educated, well-traveled and underpaid,' Mr. Coulombe said.

Well-educated, well-travelled and underpaid. No wonder I like them!

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