Parental Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction Survey
Originally uploaded by Matthew Baldwin.

Yet another mixed-media masterpiece from Defective Yeti. Flickr won't let me put a readably large copy in my blog, so you'll have to click on the picture, then click on the magnifying glass. Sorry.

This rocks. Particularly the multiple choices for the question "Why did you have a child?" Choice #6 is "Read about parenthood on Dooce, sounded fun"

Late last fall, I stopped reading Dooce's journal because it was inspiring all kinds of unhelpful feelings in me. Babylust. Time-is-running-out dread-ful feelings. I've always intended to not be That Girl, so I quit cold turkey.

It worked. A few months have gone by and I'm totally back to my baseline take it or leave it attitude about parenthood. (I like kids, they are fascinating. After spending time with kids, I really like going home to my quiet, unsticky house where all of the toys are MINE.)

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