And at the opposite end of the appealing/disgusting continuum:

I just had the best dish of ice cream of the summer.

I took the dregs of a quart of strawberries - the ones that went untouched because they were half-white, or were looking a little mummified - and I folded tinfoil around the base of their clamshell package and set them in the sun for an hour.

I brought them back inside and mmm the house was filled with sun-ripe berry decadence. They didn't look like much, but they smelled fabulous.

I wasn't hungry tho, so I sliced them and gave them a tiny bit of sugar and stuck them in the freezer for later.

Today was later. I put the frozen berries in the fridge, and when they were runny and perfect I put them in a bowl with vanilla ice cream. mmm! Perfect sundae. Not too sweet. Very real berry-ness.

It almost makes me forget that mulberries-straight-from-branch-to-mouth season is over, and that I won't have access to grapes this year. Almost.

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