A Twisted Christmas

I just got hooked into a radio interview with Twisted Sister. They're promoting a new Christmas album
twisted christmas
which is just like you'd imagine. You can listen for yourself here or here.

A couple of years ago I was driving home after a long day of familial holiday bliss and found just what I needed on NPR: John Waters talking to Terry Gross about Christmas and Christmas music. The songs he chose were awesome for a variety of reasons, either by catching a time and place in a nutshell, or by scoring a ten out of ten on the kitch scale or by being just so cloying and precious that a person needs to lie down for a while afterwards.
a john waters christmas

And while I was at Amazon.com grabbing images, I spotted another choice sampling of not-too-sweet holiday goodness. rockabilly christmas

The gas station calendar girl is just a bonus.

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