Ah, February

On Wednesday, people were just whining about the cold (in the teens). On Thursday, which was just as cold, people were thinking ahead - warning and whining and worrying about the cold snap on its way. On Saturday it was five degrees, "feels like -10" as the weather stats say now that windchill is out of fashion.

Today I went for a bike ride. It was just a little one, to see if I got everything put back together right after working on my bike last week. Also I wanted to prove to myself that I could and would get out there in the near-zero hella cold. I did. It was good. I bundled up a little too well and was steamy at the end of the ride. Woo!

I'll get the fenders & rack on the bike this week so it's ready to ride when the weather begins to approach freezing. I've been a weenie this winter but I want to get back on the bike as soon as I can, I'm not waiting for mid-March.

After I got home with the fenders it dawned on me that it's gonna be a million times harder to throw the bike in the back of my car once it's all fendered up. Do I have to buy an external rack now? Anyone have recommendations for a hatchback? (I don't think I'll be cartopping a bike, I trashed my right shoulder cartopping a canoe a couple of summers ago, it's just not worth it when there are options).

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